OUT OF STOCK Isomalt nibs - Emerald Green


These ready-to-melt Isomalt Sticks are easy to use for cake and pastry artists at every level of expertise. With our unique isomalt nibs you can enjoy: 198gr

Fast preparation and assembly. Just melt your desired amount of isomalt in the microwave,
and you’re ready to start decorating!
A rainbow of colours to choose from: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, diamond
clear, purple, black, white and pink
Endless options for sugar creation and colouring effects
You’ll be amazed at how quickly your next sugar sculpture comes together when you use
CakePlay isomalt. Once melted, the product can be moulded, cast, pulled or blown –
anything you can imagine!
We hope you have fun using these convenient isomalt nibs. Unlike other isomalt products,
which require difficult, time-consuming oven or stovetop preparation, our products mean no
mess and no waste. If you melt a bit too much isomalt, simply store it in an airtight container for
another project.
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